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Day 1

A Journey to help an Orphanage in Romania

Helping orphanages is not only about raising and donating money this is just the first step. The ones who raised and gave the money usually can’t see the effects of their donations and can not enjoy the happiness they brought. If you want to take part in a Romanian charity program and give us a little bit of your time and help then follow us in a very special journey. This tour is dedicated to the children living in orphanages. You have the opportunity to help those children and also see Romania and some of its cultural treasures. You will be able to enjoy those things while having by your side one or more children who will also enjoy them together with you. The communication will be easy because most of the kids can speak English. We do not want to establish a structured daily program, we just want to show what you can do in a week in Bucharest or maybe in other regions or cities in Romania. The orphanage chosen as an example for you is Macrina Orphanage in Bucharest, an orphanage which has 35 children from 4 to 18 years old. At this very moment they have an important project on the way, building a new section which is supposed to be finished by next year. This will serve as a shelter for abused  mothers and children.

Day 1

Here is a list of activities which you can choose from:

• Direct help in building the shelter (don’t be afraid, you do not need professional skills for this).

• Spend time in the orphanage helping the kids and the staff at different daily  activities;

• Teach them how to raise money or do it together. For example, you can organize a fair with the children where you can sell  the things that you manufactured together and help them earn some money like this. Considering that “All we need is education!” you can make a difference in the life of these children by:

• Exchanging knowledge, giving them advice, offer them a new view on life. It is our duty as grown-ups to offer them support because they do not know a great many things, they just learn from what they see and hear around them.

• Going with the kids to the Sunday service at the church;

• Every Sunday there is a concert with classical music for children at the Romanian National Television, during which the children learn about music, musicians and composers;

• You may go to the National Art Museum where the children can play, paint and where professional people will tell and show the children the characteristics of a chosen artist or artists;

• You might also visit  the Village Museum or any Museum where the children will have fun ;

• Taking a trip in the surrounding areas and visit interesting sites. You will go by bus. The kids will love this day and never forget it;

• Teaching them to act like a team: go to a basketball or football playground and play with them, children learn very much from just playing;

• Making them feel like they have a parent  by talking to them or going shopping with them, or just by walking around. In this way you will also have contact with local people and you will understand our problems, traditions, culture, religion, etc. During these days you will be escorted by a guide who can help you to organize your journey, can arrange your tickets for an opera show, or other educational events, show you the city, show you the most important museums in Bucharest etc. These 7 days will be full of experiences and we guarantee you that the ties that will be created will never be forgotten.

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• Double/twin room:  Eur
• Single supplement:  Eur

• Accomodation in 3* hotels (4* hotels at request)
• Meals according to the program
• Professional English-speaking guide services
• Entrance fees
• Printed info about the sites visited
• Luxury coach transport’ services with A/C

Final notes:
1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour, of

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