Pastoral Event

Prefaced by a suggestive Maiden`s  Dance, the great popular feast begins with a touching invitation to people to come to the “Simbra” and enjoy themselves. The invitation is recited by the oldest shepherd. Prompted by him, a group of men and women see to the traditional jobs, by milking of the sheep into wooden pails, the measuring of the milk with the “cupa”, the glass, the “pic” and the “masura”.

The feast, an old custom of sheep breeders who associate in view of organizing grazing, continues with a lively meal with all partaking of original local dishes: – “roast mutton”, chese pie, “pogaci” and “turtas” as well as the famous “palinca”brought in picturesque “merindare”. The chief attraction consists in charming popular artistic performances given by numerous village groups of  singers, dancers, bands of  “tipuritori”, “fluierasi” (pipers) and trumpeteers, etc. In the program of the participating folklore ensembles a number of special local productions are resumed every year such as: the knot – shaped  head dance , embroidering the flag, the wedding, etc.

A rich display of folk art objects put up for sale (hats, costumes, zgarzi, desagi, straiti, stergari, spoons, etc) complete the “Simbra oilor”. At the same time it occasions the assertion of the creative spirit of the popular handi-craftsmen in the famous pottery centre of Vama.