Cow Parade moves to Bucharest

CowParade was first organized in Zurich in 1998  and since then it was all the vogue through cities like Chicago, New York, London, Stockholm and Prague and 19 other cities worldwide. In London, in 2002, the organizers couldn’t move “Harry Potter“ Cow, due to the street clamours, and in Dublin “Waga Waga Moo“ Cow adorned with crystals, was sold for EUR 125.000.

Throughout the years,  famous people, like: Peter Max, James Rizzi, Vaclav Havel si David Lynch got involved in this unique event and the cows managed to collect large amounts of money, for example, only in Chicago, in an auction organized by Sotheby was collected approx. EUR 3.000.000.

The world’s largest public art event called Cow Parade is scheduled to come to Bucharest for the first time this summer. The money raised from the auction following the event will be donated to the Romanian Special Olympics for people with disabilities.

Around 100 cows (about 60 kilos each) will arrive in Bucharest unpainted. They will be distributed to various artists, institutions, schools and interested individuals or organizations to decorate them. With regard to this, well known artists, designers and sportsmen like Ioan Nemtoi, Doina Doina Levintza, Razvan Ciobanu, Alexandru Ghildus, Ilie Nastase stated their willingness or have already started to decorate their own cows. Even, Bucharest’s prefect,  Mioara Manatale and Bucharest’s mayor, Adriean Videanu, will paint by themselves a cow placed in front of the town hall.

Then all the exhibits will be displayed all over Bucharest, at bus stations, in front of restaurants and in parks, for everyone to enjoy them. This event will also be an opportunity for artists to send their message through their art. “Cow Parade is the world’s largest public art event. It’s not just an art exhibit; it’s something accessible to everybody,” said the event organizers.

After the cows roam through Bucharest for about three months, they will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to charity. Selected cows will be sold in auction on September 12, 2005 at the Nigel Kennedy concert during the George Enescu Music Festival. The money will finance the Special Olympics Romania (the Olympics for children and adults with intellectual disabilities), first edition in Romania in 2006. Over $11.5 million has been raised for charities worldwide since the very first Cow Parade took place.

The organizers said they had positive responses from several sponsors, as most of them found the Cow Parade a great idea for Bucharest. Sponsors will provide the funds necessary to purchase the cows, to provide a 500 euro artist honorarium for each cow and to cover operating costs.

Famous cow collectors are Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Ringo Starr, Nelson Mandela, Queen Noor of Jordan.