Romanian Annual Holidays in Bucovina

There are many occasions to celebrate; first of all there are important religious holidays, Christmas, Easter and the feast days of the major saints, there are several ethno folkloric festivals; to these could be added the numerous other cultural manifestation and fairs.

– Paltinoasa – A Time for Evening Sittings (Vremea Sezatorilor). A festival of folk music. Originally, a Sezatoarea is a reunion in a peasant house, a combination of a sewing circle and an occasion to sing, dance, recite poems, or make jokes.

– Last week, Fundu Moldovei – “The Annunciation” Religious Music Festival (Festivalul de Muzica Religioasa “Bunavestire”).
– Vatra Moldoviţei – Flowers from Bucovina (Flori din Bucovina).
– Cornu Luncii – Peasants’ Dance (Hora gospodarilor), a local festival of folk dance and music.

– Radauti – Rock Music Festival (Festivalul de Muzica Rock).
– First days, Marginea – Black Pottery Fair (Targul de Ceramica Neagra), a fair of the typical black pottery made in the village.
– Darmaneşti – Minorities Festival “Convieţuiri” (Festivalul Minoritatilor “Convietuiri”), a festival of Bucovina’s ethnic minorities, the Armenians, Poles and Ukrainians.
– Gura Humorului – National Festival of Caricatures and Epigrams “Humour at Gura Humorului” (Festival National de Caricaturi si Epigrame “Umor…la Gura Humorului”).

– The first half, Straja – Festival of Traditional Wedding Customs (Festivalul Traditiilor de Nunta).
– Sadova – Gathering of Sheep (Strunga oilor). The sheep are gathered together at the sheepfold, and the sheep that gives the most milk receives a prize. A cheese called “cas” is prepared from the milk of the whole flock.
– Horodnic – Festival of Folk Music Instruments “Silvestru Lungoci” (Festivalul Instrumentelor Populare “Silvestru Lungoci”).
– Putna Monastery – A special service connected with the end of the fasting period.
– First days, Horodnic – Traditional Dances (Dansuri Traditionale), a festival of folk dances.
– Balca – Old People’s Festival (Festivalul Batranilor). Old people perform traditional songs and dances.
– Baia – Symposium “Baia – Historical Moments” (Simpozionul “Baia – File de istorie”) A yearly symposium on important moments of history.

– Suceava – Classical music competition “Ciprian Porumbescu”
– Radauti – Pottery Fair “The Eye of the Peacock” (Targul Olarilor “Ochi de Paun”).
– Falticeni – The Evening Sitting (Sezatoarea) – happening of folk dance and music.
– Campulung Moldovenesc – International Festival of Folklore “Bucovinean Meetings” (Festivalul International de Folclor “Intalniri Bucovinene”).

– Suceava – Pottery Fair (Târgul Mesterilor Olari).
August, Suceava – Old Customs (Dupa datina strabuna), a presentation of old customs and traditions.
Radauti – International Folk Festival “Arcanul” (Festivalul International de Folclor “Arcanul”), a festival of folklore. The arcan is the symbol of the 19th century compulsory military service. The forced conscription of a young man was a tragedy for the entire family.
– Fundu Moldovei – Celebrating “Arcanul” (Sarbatoarea Arcanului), festival of folklore.
– First week, Suceava – National Dance Festival “Hora de la Prislop” (Festivalul National de Dans “Hora de la Prislop”). Hora is the traditional Romanian ring dance.
– Balca – The Celebration of the Virgin Mary (Sarbatoarea Sfintei Marii).

– Vama – Dance in Vama (Hora la Vama), a folk dance festival.
– Suceava – Ethnographic and Folk Festival “Simeon Florea Marian”.
– Straja – Treasures of the Romanian Soul (Comori de Suflet Romanesc), a festival of folk music and poetry.
– Volovat – Treasures of the Soul in Volovat (Comorile Sufletului la Volovat), folk music and poetry.
– Gura Humorului – Film Festival “Autumn in Voronet” (Festivalul de Film si Diaporama “Toamna la Voronet”). Short films and documentaries of young film directors compete for a prize.

– Suceava- Poetry Competition “Nicolae Labis” (Concursul de Poezie “Nicolae Labis”). A competition for the best new poem and the best reciter.
October, – – Suceava – Fine Arts Competition “Voroneteana” (Concursul de Arta Plastica “Voroneteana”).

– November, Suceava – Young Craftsmen’s Fair (Targul Copiilor Mestesugari), where the craftsmen sell their produce.
– Moldovita – Dance and Music Festival “The Song of the Mountains” (Festivalul de Dans si Muzica “Cantecul Obcinii”).
– Last week, Suceava – Celebrating the Great Union of 1918 (Sărbătoarea Marii Uniri), with a folk music festival, conferences and symposiums, as well as concerts of contemporary music.

– Suceava – National Fair of Photographic Art “Bucovina 2003″ (Salonul National de Arta Fotografica “Bucovina 2003″). An annual contest for the best photograph, as well as an exhibition.
– Marginea – Traditions and Customs (Datini si Obiceiuri).
– Falticeni – Traditions and Customs (Datini si Obiceiuri).
– Partestii de Jos – Traditions and Customs (Datini si Obiceiuri).
– Zvoristea – Traditions and Customs (Datini si Obiceiuri).
– Dorna Arini – Traditions and Customs (Datini si Obiceiuri).