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We change the way you think about your vacation...

Let's start planning … You tell us the destination and dates, and we do the rest . We put together an entire trip according to your wishes.

We offer you a choice of events, comfortable accommodation  and program according to your traveling rhythm.

A Journey to help an Orphanage in Romania

Helping orphanages is not only about raising and donating money this is just the first step. The ones who raised and gave the money usually can’t see the effects of their donations and can not enjoy the happiness they brought. If you want to take part in a Romanian charity program and give us a little bit of your time and help then follow us in a very special journey. This tour is dedicated to the children living in orphanages. You have the opportunity to help those children and also see Romania and some of its cultural treasures. You will be ...

You will be accommodated in a 3* Hotel near the orphanage, but if you want we can also arrange to have you accommodated in 4* Hotels. We are always open for suggestions !!

  • 7 days Tour
  • Tour Map

Bucharest – Bulgaria and a touch of the Danube Delta

This trip is for those who want to see the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and enjoy the beauty of the Danube Delta. If you are only interested in the Danube Delta you can simply cut the Bulgarian part of the trip and enjoy more of the Danube Delta. If you book the trip at the beginning of June you have the chance to see the rose harvest in Bulgaria which is a once per year unique tradition.

• Minibus with A/C
• English-speaking guide
• Meals according to the program

Final notes:
1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour,

  • 8 days Tour
  • Tour Map

The Romans conquest of Dacia

In the first century before Jesus Christ, the Dacians were the people the most influent on eastern Europe their richness were known from the Romans. This conquest was the last main of the roman emperor Trajan. After two big battles in 101 and 106, the roman armies won and most of Dacia became Roman. The story of this conquest can now be find on the Trajan Column in Roma. The track of this occupation can still be seen in Romania. Take part of this trip and discover the fabulous Dacian legends. those wolf warriors who thought they were ...


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1. Este programa se puede cambiar según sus peticiones.
2. Para más información, por favor, contáctenos: Cultural Romtour,

  • 9 days Tour
  • Tour Map

Romania – Byzant after Byzant

When Byzant fell in 1453, part of its treasures was brought to Moldavia and Wallachia. Some historians say that Romania became “Byzant after Byzant”. Not only treasures were brought to ancient Romania (Moldavia and Wallachia) but, most importantly, the Byzantine traditions, preserved and maintained to nowadays. A Romanian Orthodox Church with Romanian monks can still be found on the Athos Mountain. On this trip you'll get a feel of our lifestyle, learn about our traditions and spend some time in the past. You'll be accompanied by a ...


  • 3 and 4* Hotels
  • 4* minivan
  • English-speaking tour guide at your disposal, local guide wherever possible
  • Full Board
  • Typical lunches or dinners
  • Entrance fees to museums, castles and monasteries.

 Final notes:

  1. The maximum no. of guests is 15, because of the limited accommodation available at the monasteries. The trip is special, involving meetings with the officials of The Romanian Orthodox Church of Moldova, and the opportunity to make contacts and connections within The Orthodox Church. In Moldova, a local tour guide, a student of the Theological University of Iasi can be provided. The program can be changed according to the flight details (arriving place, date and hours)
  1. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour,
  • 10 days Tour
  • Tour Map