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A trip to both the oldest and the newest lands in Europe

Could you just imagine that one of the oldest regions in Europe is next to one of the newest one, and both regions can be found in Romania’s Dobrogea? In Dobrogea we can find the oldest mountains in Europe, mountains over 5000 meters high in the past, but due to the passage of time reduced to just 469 meters height. We will find here the remains of the ancient Greek colonies, the remains of the Romans’ settlements, as well as we are going to explore the Black Sea Coast, get acquainted to the best Romanian wines and not only. Here we can also ...
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Bucharest – Bulgaria and a touch of the Danube Delta

This trip is for those who want to see the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and enjoy the beauty of the Danube Delta. If you are only interested in the Danube Delta you can simply cut the Bulgarian part of the trip and enjoy more of the Danube Delta. If you book the trip at the beginning of June you have the chance to see the rose harvest in Bulgaria which is a once per year unique tradition.

• Minibus with A/C
• English-speaking guide
• Meals according to the program

Final notes:
1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour,

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The Romans conquest of Dacia

In the first century before Jesus Christ, the Dacians were the people the most influent on eastern Europe their richness were known from the Romans. This conquest was the last main of the roman emperor Trajan. After two big battles in 101 and 106, the roman armies won and most of Dacia became Roman. The story of this conquest can now be find on the Trajan Column in Roma. The track of this occupation can still be seen in Romania. Take part of this trip and discover the fabulous Dacian legends. those wolf warriors who thought they were ...


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1. Este programa se puede cambiar según sus peticiones.
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