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Galicia – one of the most cosmopolitan regions in Europe.

This excursion will take you into one of the most colorful regions of Europe where you will meet Romanian culture and tradition, German, Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian, and not only. Also you will meet the Orthodox church, the Greek Catholic one, the Roman Catholic one and next to the mosaic one. In the 13th century King Andrew II of Hungary used the style Galicia et Lodomeria - a Latinised version of the Slavic  names Halych and Volodymyr, the major cities of the principality of Halych-Volhynia, which the Hungarians ruled from 1214 to 1221. The ...

• Minibus with A/C and bar
• English-speaking guide

Final notes:
1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour,

  • 9 days Tour
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The little Bucovina of Wallachia – North Oltenia

Everybody knows about the painted monasteries from Bucovina. What people doesn’t know is that the Wallachian monasteries are also very beautiful, and a lot to offer. Some of them, like Horezu have also outside paintings on one or two walls. What would you find more in Wallachia is the so called “CULE”. Something like a private home-fortress, built in 17 and 18th centuries, to be able to defend the rich families against invasions. Also you will find the roots of the modern sculpture art, by visiting the place where Brancusi was borne, see his ...

• The order of the activities can be changed based on the weather conditions, or other conditions that might appear or be asked by the guests. The guests may change the diary, the activities, do some others that seasonally can be done.
• In this region there are several important religious and traditional (even pre-Christian) feasts and people can take part to them.
List of special events in Walachia
• We should not forget about the local markets which take place by chance and should be visited anyway!

  • 7 days Tour
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