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Un tour autentico e vibrante per la Romania, la Moldavia e l’Ucraina dal 2 al 22 luglio 2017

Vi invitiamo ad accompagnarci in un tour per tre paesi dell’Europa dell’Est – la Romania, la Moldavia e l’Ucraina. È difficile credere che in 21 giorni si può scoprire la cultura di questi paesi Europei, ma è possibile.

• Pulmino con aria condizionata e bar
• Guida che parla in italiano
• Cibo e degustazioni di vino secondo il programma

1. Questo programma può essere cambiato a richiesta.
2. Per altri informazioni vi preghiamo di contattarci: Cultural Romtour,

  • 21 days Tour
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Jewish Heritage Tour

You are very welcome to join us for an intriguing tour in search of the lost of Jewish heritage in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. There are many places you will visit such as synagogues, memorials, schools, Jewish history museums, theaters and cemeteries.

• Accommodation in 3* Hotels
• Meals and specials meals according to the program
• Professional English-speaking guide
• English documentation about the cultural sites
• Transfer by 3* minibus or bus

Final notes:
1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour,

  • 11 days Tour
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7 Days in the Republic of Moldova

A new country to be discovered. Maybe you will discover this country together with Moldovans, because they are still searching for their identity… The most interesting thing is that you will have 2 guides, one Moldovan and one Russian and you will see the difference in their approach. The visit in Transnistria, a European version of South Ossetia, will be a major experience for you. Come and see the wine culture, learn about the Moldovan traditions, Orthodox Church features and not only...


• The order of the activities can be changed based on weather conditions, or other conditions that might appear or be asked by the guests. The guests may change the daily program, the activities, do some others that can occasionally be done.

• In this region there are several important religious and traditional (even pre-Christian) feasts and people can take part in them.

List of special events in the Republic of Moldova

• We should not forget about the local markets which take place occasionally and should be visited as well.

  • 7 days Tour
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Routes to Polish Roots in Romania and Republic of Moldova

Romanian history from the 14th century until the 18th century displays significant influence of the Polish history, in terms of its military, political, administrative, social and cultural presence. The history of Poles in Romania is certainly linked to the history of Bucovina, a region in the north of the medieval state of Moldova annexed and named as such in 1775 by the Austrian Empire. At the time, Bucovina was a buffer zone between Eastern and Western civilization, located in an area where the Ottoman, the Russian and Austrian Empire, ...

• All services as mentioned in the program
• Professional English-speaking guide at all your days
• Van or minibus with A/C

Final notes:

1. This program can be changed upon request.
2. For further information please contact: Cultural Romtour, of

  • 7 days Tour
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